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Refer to our “Submitting Samples User Guide” for information on shipping your samples and completing our Sample Submission / Test Request forms. 

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Biologics Sample Submission Form (HTML)
Used in almost all cases for testing of biologics samples.

Biocompatibility Test Request Form (HTML)
Used for in vitro and in vivo biocompatibility testing for devices and combination products.

Analytical Chemistry Test Request Form (HTML)
Used for extractables/leachables, materials characterization.

Viral Clearance Studies Sample Submission Form (HTML)
Used for viral clearance validation, viral inactivation studies.

Viral Clearance Equipment Request Form

Osteoinduction Test Request Form (HTML)
Used for medical device/combination product osteoinduction studies.

Custom Studies Article Submission Form (HTML)
Used for only custom studies conducted in St. Paul or Atlanta facilities.


Use our CLIENT PORTAL and its interactive, online ordering form for samples being submitted directly to our Atlanta facility. Used for microbial testing services • sterility / endotoxin / bioburden • standard/compendial chemistry • package / container closure testing services • cleaning & re-use studies • disinfectant efficacy • sterilization validation • environmental monitoring.

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NOTE: Information entered into the HTML forms is NOT electronically transmitted to WuXi AppTec. The forms serve only to produce the hard copies needed to accompany sample shipments.

For more information on sample requirements for biocompatibility testing, click here:
Sample Requirements for Biocompatibility Testing

For Device/Material Profile Form, click here.
[Required for medical device analytical chemistry (E/L) studies, toxicology consulting and risk assessments.]

If you have any questions about submission of samples or completing these forms, contact your Account Manager or Project Manager.

For more information on WuXi AppTec’s “Client Portal” – a 24/7 secure online service – contact WuXi AppTec Online Services at 888-794-0077 or by email at info@wuxiapptec.com.

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