U.S. Biologics, Advanced Therapies & Medical Devices Manufacturing and Testing


In complex manufacturing environments, disruptions in production and unplanned downtime are inevitable. WuXi AppTec focuses on testing of your water, air, surface and personnel samples.

Our Atlanta facility will coordinate with your manufacturing facility to quickly test and report results. Our scalability supports overflow sample collection as well as large-volume testing when the unexpected occurs.

The experts at WuXi AppTec understand how critical it is to deliver results quickly so you can move forward with production and release.

  • Same-day sample receipt and reporting services are available for those instances when it is essential for production.
  • Our approach is flexible and can be easily adapted to meet your validation requirements.
  • We regularly process 35,000 samples/month and additional bolus work.   Our program scalability and proven performance assures you peace of mind.



Water Samples
Testing options support a variety of media and incubation conditions.

BIOBURDEN:    Total Microbial Count       Coliform Testing

ENDOTOXIN:    Kinetic Chromogenic      Kinetic Turbidimetric      Gel Clot

CHEMISTRY:      TOC      Conductivity

Viable Air & Surface Samples
Testing available to support client-specific incubation requirements for temperature and duration. 

Total Aerobic Count             Total Yeast & Mold Count

Personnel Monitoring
Testing supports aseptic processing environments.

Gowning Qualification            Personnel Monitoring



Microbial Identification
Traditional morphological and biochemical, as well as genetic and Mass Spectrometry MALDI-TOF microbial identification methods ensure rapid and accurate results.

Growth Promotion
USP <61>, USP <62>, USP <71> or other organisms to meet client needs.